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Welcome to our school,  We offer all art lessons that you can think of.  Best of all, we are able to design an art course especially suited to your needs.   We teach beginners as well as advanced art students.   We teach adults, teens and kids.  

All you need to do is to visit us so we can help you with anything you want to know about us.  Please make a booking.

Our School

Our art studios are located in Sandton, Fourways, and Kempton Park (Head Office).



 I joined Ajay's at in the summer of 2007 - having painted previously for many years, but knowing deep down that I really did not know.  In the beginning I learnt so much about the basics - the huge importance of fundamentals sick as blocking accurately, tonal values - things I had no previous knowledge about and I was amazed at how my work changed.  Attention to detail was uppermost and draw what you see not what you think was repeated to one time and again.  I so enjoy my weekly lessons here, the colourful students, the continuous reminder of lessons learnt and still to learn.  I think I will be a life member - it is part of my life.

Natasha Tetluk

Dear Ajay,

Thank you very much for the classes and certificates , the students had an amazing experience and are very happy for your patience and assistance.

Nathan Ilunga

Enko Education

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