Event details:


We will investigate a food still life and paint it in oils.  The canvas will be small, around 5" x 7", and will be pre-drawn to save time.  The style that we will be using will be loose and impressionistic, with clear step-by-step instructions.  It will make a perfect kitchen painting that will be vivid and moody.  The painting session will be short to allow for gastronomy!


We're entering Autumn, so flavours will be adjusted to what is in season.  Here is a sample menu:

1: Exotic Mushroom soup with ciabatta and truffle butter, paired with french chardonnay or chantilly

2: Chevin and beetroot ravioli with sage butter and walnuts, paired with french rose

3: Courgette gratin with avocado cream served with a sauvignon blanc

4. Irish cheesecake with lemon curd with a sweet wine

This is the picture I chose for our painting.  We will do a few compositional changes to it and then mix our colours. First we will create a value wash to create depth and form and then apply paint thickly (impasto), finally moving to highlights and finishing touches.


10 am: Meet at Ajay's, Kempton Park, introduction, materials and art session starts.

12 pm: Lunch

3 pm: Session ends


All materials are supplied by me - canvas, oil paints, turps, palettes etc.

Brushes are not included, you need a Flat or Filbert #2, 4, 6 - see picture on right


R 700 per person

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