I started Ajay’s in 1998 in Johannesburg. 

We teach people to draw, paint and to sculpt.  My approach to learning to be creative is to cement the foundations, and then to explore.  Observation and artistic incentives, media knowledge and project commitment are key benefits for creative maintenance. 

I run more than 25 classes a week for adults and kids at various locations, organize retreats, exhibitions, expo’s and workshops.  

My preference to creativity is mixed media, using various dry and wet media together to stress the surface with a very moody undertone.  I've been on many courses but like contemporary art more; it invites the viewer into a deeper emotive and illogical or uncomfortable response.  Art does not have to be beautiful.  To many, these components - beauty and recognition - are cornerstones of art, but to me they do not always evoke the deeper recesses of our minds.  Skill is very important, it involves the eye and the mind and the hand and these three team members can very often be at odds with one another, so it is experience and education that make it work and I believe that needs to come first.

My teachers are longstanding and I am honoured to have them.  Through the years I had some real weird and self-serving ones, but we are a good team now.

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