How to create atmosphere in a landscape:

I am a professional artist working in oils. My work reflects the fascinating South-African Landscape. Still life and figurative paintings form part of my repertoire. I often use bold colours in an impressionistic manner. Using light in a painting to create atmosphere, plays an integral role in my work.

I paint on location as well as in studio. I want to capture feeling and vibrancy throughout. I hope to convey the emotional connection that I had with each scene. Mainly self-taught, I have been painting professionally and conducting classes for more than 12 years. Currently I am pursuing a career as a fulltime artist and do workshops throughout South–Africa.

Purpose of this workshop:

  • I am going to concentrate on creating atmosphere in a painting.
  • We are going to do a landscape from a photograph. I will also make use of the opportunity to touch on Plein air painting.
  • I will concentrate on how to create an impressionistic landscape that speaks to the viewer.
  • I am going to concentrate on the basic principles of Landscape painting. Beginners are welcome.

Subjects to be covered:


  • How to choose a subject that’s dynamic, unique and pleasing.
  • Which composition will work for my painting?
  • How to simplify the subject to create a unique painting with atmosphere.
  • The importance of a vocal point and how to draw the eye.


  • Value compositions and planning
  • 4 Value principle
  • How to determine value and colour
  • Using a limited pallet to create unity
  • Understanding colour mixing, colour temperature and saturation.


  • How to manage your edges.


  • The method I use to create a landscape painting that captures the viewer.

Psychology of Painting

  • Internal as well as external. 


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TV Program:

  • 123Fixit Reality program. Via channel 147, 13 Episodes in collaboration with Home magazine, Buco and Timbercity.


1) A landscape painting completed during the workshop under my guidance. More experienced students might be able to complete two paintings.
2) A study guide: How to create atmosphere in your Landscape painting.


The workshop will be suited for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced students. I will be working in oils.

Materials supplied

Photo Material:
I will supply the photo material to be used at the workshop.
Please note: This is only a guideline of the materials I will use during the workshop. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Materials and equipment, you need to bring with:

• Pallet knife
• Pallet
• Sketchbook, 2B pencil, eraser
• 3x Copic Markers (Cool Grey no 2, 6, 10) for value comps. Make sure one end is flat. It mostly has 2 ends, one flat and one fine. (If you can’t find these, you can use a pencil)
• Container for Turpentine
• Turpentine (Only odourless please)
• Wet wipes or paper towel
• Plastic bag for garbage
• Notebook and pen
• Medium. I use a mixture of linseed oil and surgical turpentine. (1:1)
• Good quality e.g. Winsor & Newton
• Canvas Board or Stretched Canvas
• At least 2 canvasses
• Sizes: 18” x 14” (350 x 450 mm)
Oil Paints:
I make use of a limited pallet:
• Titanium wit
• Cadmium yellow pale of Chrome yellow
• Cadmium Red
• Cadmium red deep
• Alizarin Crimson
• French Ultramarine Blue
• Cerulean Blue
• Cobalt blue
Painting Brushes:
• # 8 Flat of Bright
• # 12 Flat of Bright
• # 16 Flat of Bright
• # 6 Filbert
• # 00 Round
• Rigger (optional)

Materials You can buy all or any of the above from us. Please let me know what you need


9:00 Meet for coffee, orientation and a discussion of the workshop.
9:30 Preparing your station
9:45 Introduction to Landscape painting using oils as a medium. How to prepare your station and the psychology of painting.
10:30 Demo1: I will be painting a landscape demonstrating my method. In this painting I will concentrate on value, shape, composition and colour.
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Painting session 1: Choosing the scene you prefer from the photo material provided and start your painting. I will be guiding you.
15:45 Wrapping-up for the day


9:00 Demo 2: I will be painting a landscape using my method to create atmosphere in a painting. I will be paying attention to value, colour temperature and edges.
11:00 Painting session 2: Continue your painting.
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Painting session 3: Complete your first painting. If you finished your first painting, you will start a second landscape using the important method to create atmosphere in your landscape.
15:45 Wrapping-up for the day.


9:00 Demo 3: I will demo a third landscape putting emphasis on creating a landscape with loads of atmosphere which captures the viewers’ attention. How far should I take my painting?
11:00 Painting session 4: Working on your painting.
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Painting session 5: Finishing off all paintings.
15:00 Evaluation, Q&A’s, Wrapping up.

Package Deals:
Workshop only, no accommodation Meals – 3 x Vegetarian R 3000.00

Accommodation type 1 3 star, 4 nights R 3200.00
Accommodation type 2 4 star, 4 nights R 4000.00


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