Hello and Welcome

The system is unique - you can be close to me or a million miles away. I can still teach you!  

I will teach live and online from Thursday to Saturday here in Kempton Park and Paternoster.


SATURDAYS            8 AM - 4 PM            (8-10, 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, 8-12, 12-4 etc.)

FRIDAYS                 8 AM - 12 PM         (8-10, 10-12, etc.)

THURSDAYS            6 PM – 8 PM

                             8 AM – 2 PM          (8-10, 10-12, 8-12, 8-11 etc.)


Let me explain:

For live classes:

Kempton studio has 4 chambers and 16 spaces.

You need to book your space but can stay longer.  The times will be recorded.

If you cannot attend physically, you can join via Zoom.


Zoom Classes:

Studio 1 has a large display and cameras, so you will be allowed in via the Zoom link.

I will sign you in for your 2-hour class, but you can stay longer if you want, which will be charged for by the hour.

This way you accumulate hours and can have a 2 hour (minimum) or up to 4-hour class.

You can stay longer on Saturdays (8 or 6 hours).

There will be a limited number of 9 attendees on Zoom.

At the start of each calendar month you will be charged  R 800.00 (minimum).

Extra hours will be added to your next months’ bill at R 100 per hour.


Missed classes:

If you book a class, but cannot attend, you can join another class within the next week either live or via Zoom. 

Once the week has passed, you have forfeited the class and will be charged for it. 

The rate applied will only be for a two-hour class even if you booked a longer class.

Minimum charge per month =  R 800.00 for 4 x 2-hour classes

Cost per hour = R 100.00


When I am in Paternoster:

I will go to Paternoster every third or fourth week.

Live classes will change.

Zoom classes will continue. 

You will not be charged for live classes unless you live and booked for them in Paternoster.

You can join me via Zoom then.



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