Oil Paint is the easiest to use of the paint family. Its’ lustrous nature takes longer to dry, allowing the artist to manipulate and change almost at will. The biggest hurdle to overcome in oil paint (all paints) are overworking and over blending. There are many techniques: under-painting (planning), alla-prima (direct), impasto (thick), glazing (layering), wet-on-wet, washing, palette knife and mixed media practices making oils extremely versatile. I believe it is best to sample all the techniques, so I have created short easy projects for each that is also small in size. At the same time, you will explore subject matter like landscape, object painting and still life, figurative and portrait elementals, but you will also have options for each technique. Thereafter you can start your own art work with your choice of medium and subject.

  • ·        You need to learn how to use colour 
  • ·        You also need to be able to draw competently.