Winter Special

4 Classes plus materials R 800.00

Create a painting - drawing to completion in 4 classes

Class One: Draw and prepare a canvas for beginners

Class Two: Tone your canvas - learn how to include darks and lights

Class Three: Learn to use a palette, mixing colours and paint in oils

Class Four: Complete your painting by  using accents and correcting mistakes

T's and C's:

  1. We can book you where there is space available in the current time slots, please inquire with our office.
  2. The painting is usually a landscape and may contain mixed media, and is not changeable.
  3. Classes missed cannot be made up.  Your painting will be shortened in time accordingly.
  4. Classes cannot be exchanged or given away.
  5. Full payment is required before your first lesson.
  6. The lesson is aimed at beginners and is focused on fun.

4 Class Winter Special

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