Advanced Drawing

This course is a comprehensive drawing learning program and is designed for the serious drawer.  It investigates drawing and its relationship with you in greater depth, a additional variety of techniques and media.  You will be expected to work with mixed drawing media and different supports (paper, board and canvas), and to learn to draw both gestural as well as working in fine detail with various assignments.  

Media for advanced drawing includes ink, collage, pen and chalk, bleach, wax, graphite, s'graffito, blanching, waxing, charcoal, contÄ“, lino cut pencil and so on.  Once you have completed this course, you will be able to draw anything anywhere in whichever fashion you prefer.  You will also be able to visualize from your imagination, invent concepts and draw and create great works of art. 

The main ingredient for success in drawing is work.  But without guidance no amount of work will ever be enough as you will continue to make the same mistakes.  It is very quick for a good teacher to see where the problem lies and to start rectifying it with the student through some exercises that repeats itself and so creating a new approach and correcting incorrect practices.  

The Advanced Drawing Course

First you will learn to master proportioning and at the same time be exposed to many exercises to change and enhance the way you think about drawing as well as creativity.  Then you will be taught to use your own tonal language and complement these with settings and stills that you will create yourself.  You will also then be introduced to various media that you need to learn to control and utilize and use to formulate your own ideas and skill to become a master drawer.  With so much experience your style will inevitably develop, your ideas will become your own and you will be able as an original sketching artist.

This course can be preceded by our foundation drawing course or can be part of a special program that we devise especially for you if you have had drawing experience.  These classes are held in Johannesburg only..