Welcome to our art classes.  Due to all the many different demands for classes,  we classified it into three main criteria: Art classes for beginners, Art classes designed for you and finally Advanced art classes.

Art classes for beginners wasn't only created for beginners but for persons who would like a recap and reacquaint themselves with drawing and its fundamentals, sculpture basics and comic basics.  Click here to find out more.  Or click here try our All in One Course.

The Art classes that we can design for you are directed to benefit persons who would like to omit certain art practices, usually when you have had some art experience.  You need to come in for a chat with us and thereby we can determine what you want and what we can do for you.  These courses are especially suited for artists who need tweaking or when you have had ample experience in art making and need to develop a style.  Read more.

Advanced drawing classes are suited for specific art training like advanced drawing and so on.  Click here for more information.

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