Once upon a time we were teaching in Bedfordview, but I was very cunningly and impassively

disenfranchised by - let’s call it a twist of fate.  Although I am very pleased with our services,

I did lose very valuable premises and clients due to this disaster.  Since then I have,

from time to time explored the area for another location, but never in depth.  So…..

IF you have premises near or in Bedfordview that is not costing the earth, or if you are a group of friends

needing the very best art training in Bedfordview, we can talk and come to some kind of agreement.

Although I am quite full, I feel that my presence in Bedfordview is needed and that I can

rejuvenate the stale art world of many suburbs in Johannesburg.

Please fill in this form if we can benefit one another:

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