June 6, 2018

Hello guys 

A reminder that classes missed cannot be exchanged or caught up, as agreed upon when we first spoke to you when you enquired about classes and stipulated twice in your contract.  Lately many people have asked us to reschedule classes, but regretfully this is not possible.  We operate like any other business.    

And Parents—PLEASE drop and pick-up your kids on time, there is an outside area next to our studios where you can wait for them.

Canvasses can no longer be stored at the Kempton Studios, it really restricts our space.


Hesther, Adele (from Hong Kong) and I and some other 13 artists went back to school to learn some more tricks and techniques with Colley Whisson from Australia, organised by SA Artist Magazine.  I loved his broad stroke approach to painting, and the stay at Sunnyside farm revealed a fascinating place, complete with a farm mess hall, interesting boerekos, Friday lunch braai, very quirky traditions, over-friendly horses, fresh lemon cake in the afternoon and the 90year old lady (the owner) living next to the kitchen!  Here are some pics.


Well Paternoster retreat is sort of fully booked, and the majority are people who are returning!  Must be the food… 



9am—11am, Sunday, 24 June 2018 in Kempton Park

R220   (All material: canvas board, paints, brushes included)


You will receive news of this very soon.


Our new online store is almost ready for business, we are busy loading specials for July, including a acrylic pour kit, complete with instructions. Many new products will be introduced over the next few months, before we start advertising.


I’ll be hosting a French food and art day on this Sunday.  It is also in preparation for our new kitchen that will be operating one Sunday every month from Spring, and then also open as a coffee shop after that. 

The day will comprise French flair, a French art project and a gastronomic menu for those attending.  More details next month!  AJ



2014 Already

February 5, 2014
2013 swooshed past, and now we are here.Invigorated and ready.  For this year we have many art projects planned.  Our Paternoster art holiday is now fully booked and another one for a school has opened a whole new sphere for me.  I included extra activities for these 17 year olds, like horse riding, dune trekking and action painting.  Then there are extra time slots for Fourways and Morningside.  Our flexibility has increased even more as many ex graduates from varsities joined us allowing us to create some great personalized courses.
Printing will also be one of our options soon - mono, relief, intaglio, lino, etching, aquatint and so on after April.
well I will hopefully be back soon with more great news - until then - be creative!

Art Class Web Site Changes and Our Future

May 16, 2013
?yola-link-is-coming=trueHello from our brand new site.  Mistakes realized from our old site and rectifying it over time, but this site is a good place to start.
So - on to ART; my very very favourite subject.  Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Collage, Montage, Printing, Comics, Caricatures, Drawing the human figure, Building huge Concrete and mud sculptures, Painting with kids and painting ON kids.  Thats what I'm talking about.
I think the most liberating part of art is one's imagination.  Once you can envisage works of art that have departed from the norm, your mind has free scope to endeavour into the sublime.  Although I think art needs foundation, I also think it needs imagination.  they are of equal importance.  Foundation - knowing the technical elements - like proportioning and implementing light values and being able to use the necessary tools to establish these fundamentals is very important, but then comes context and imagination which can awe and interact with the viewer is equally satisfying.
Art has always surpassed formal methods like sketches and canvas paintings - into multifaceted and ingenious sculptures, land art, performance art and video art, photography and many other media.  Even food as we illustrated last year with our food and art workshop.   

There are remarkable similarities between food and art.  Although food does not sustain time as opposed to art, it contains components like art such as texture, form, colour, composition and presentation, focal tension, line, tone, temperature and also history.  There are also related applications such as the artist’s (chef’s) practices, motives, methodology and sensitivity towards its ingredients and its execution.   I love art, and I love cooking – both are creative, inventive and fun.  Therefore I present a workshop that combines both – art and food, food and art. The idea was to extend it to restaurants but I never promoted it any further - maybe next year.

French food market

Talking of food - Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg has an AMAZING food fair every Sunday where you can buy and enjoy organic food at its best - from Indian to Thai to pancakes - be sure to visit early as it gets packed!  Maboneng or "Arts on Main" as it is also known also offers many other facilities, art shows, walkabouts and art movies that are worth mentioning.  Visit www.mabonengprecinct.com for more.

I think these almost outlandish workshops are fantastic in terms of letting the imaginations loose.  Beside our usual anatomy sessions I will still be holding a music and sensory workshop as well as a rock and straw and cement sculpture workshop to enrich and stimulate.  All is welcome to these and dates will be available soon.

Nirox outside Johannesburg held a very special day at its Winter Sculpture Fair 4 and 5 May.  Participating artists were Marco Cianfanelli, Rodan Hart, Mawande Zenzile, Angus Taylor and many more.  
The sculpture park also offered winemakers and chefs and food produce from Franschhoek - Don't miss it next year! Visit www.niroxart.com for more.

Sculpture park

Our online art classes will be launched October 2013 and will include drawing and relevant teachings and will of course be extended into many other classes like painting and sculpture - these include videos and probably interactive classes.  Watch this space....

If you like contemporary art, visit www.axisweb.org for online recources. 

And I will keep you posted on our doings and other institutions so that you can enjoy the multitude of art forms that the internet and Johannesburg bring to you.

Ajay xxx