2014 Already

Posted by Andre Jacobs on Wednesday, February 5, 2014
2013 swooshed past, and now we are here.Invigorated and ready.  For this year we have many art projects planned.  Our Paternoster art holiday is now fully booked and another one for a school has opened a whole new sphere for me.  I included extra activities for these 17 year olds, like horse riding, dune trekking and action painting.  Then there are extra time slots for Fourways and Morningside.  Our flexibility has increased even more as many ex graduates from varsities joined us allowing us to create some great personalized courses.
Printing will also be one of our options soon - mono, relief, intaglio, lino, etching, aquatint and so on after April.
well I will hopefully be back soon with more great news - until then - be creative!

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