Now you can be a comic artist, a capturer of caricatures or a manga-ka! 

 For all you comic fans!  These courses focus on three main areas: understanding, drawing and good story telling of comics and fantasy illustrations.  
For Caricatures and newspaper-like comic strips, you only need a few basics in drawing before starting to make celebrities, politicians and family members look hilarious or you can create  your own character driven comic strips with funny stories.  
Software training is not included as we concentrate on the artistic elements of it, like photo referencing (re-enacting through models), anatomical training, elementals such as styles and moods, scripting, composition and perspective, colour and inking, character development and so on.  Thereafter the student can choose from various projects he or she can complete before choosing the next assignment.  The comic and manga courses require models, loosening-up is imperative and good drawing ability is fundamental.  
Your teacher will review your characters and stories and suggest better angles, paning, composition, frames and fluency, help you with proportioning and tone so that you will be able to complete a very attractive and substantial comic or animated illustration.  This course is for beginners and experienced comic artists and manga-ka alike.

A very long time ago, I realized the absolute need for the comic course.  As I set out two years ago to formulate this course, I realised the absolute 

immensity of my task ahead.  In addition to the demanding drawing skill required for comic making, I  realised how important good story-telling is for 

successful comic construction is.  Although comic may, in some quarters, be regarded as a lesser  demanding art form, the opposite actually proved 

 to be true.  It requires knowledge and expertise about human (and non-human) anatomical arrangement and configurations, advanced understanding of

perspectives, good colouring and inking skills, the ability to draw freely but accurately,  spontaneously but also with a very definite plot in mind. 

Character development and compositional knowledge makes a comic real and static – the ability to convey what you think into someone else’s mind in

 a logical way.

For the caricature lessons, your program will be as follows:

Proportional and Tonal training

Basic anatomy and portraiture training

Basic Story telling and Story-Board training

Watercolour, Ink and Marker training

For the Comic / Manga / Fantasy Art the program will be:

First and foremost is upping your drawing skills.  For this you will learn to correctly appropriate proportion, to analyse tonal value, you will learn hand-eye control and to control pressure, lighting effects, perspective, composition, learn to draw faster and freer and to script (thumbnail stories).  You will also learn to draw faces and bodies, both in still and moving positions.  Materials we will work with are pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolour, pen and markers, and mixed media.  Software will not be part of the syllabus. 

All these drawing skills will be incorporated into comic form.  When you have completed these, you can go onto your projects.  You have a choice of options to choose from across the different genres.  Your teacher will help you develop a story, its characters and create a visual script, its mood and even a splash page.  You will also by now, have to start conducting model sessions and use photo referencing to construct your story.  This method ensures correct and original work that will take the form of a blueprint comic!

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