FOUNDATION DRAWING COURSE (beginner to advanced) ©:


This course is our pride and joy and was developed over many years. 

It is for the absolute beginner and experienced artist alike.  

It covers all the bases of drawing and INSIGHT to drawing and art. 


  • Hold your pencil correctly when drawing .
  • Apply Correct Pressure to your drawing and painting.
  • Work with pencil, charcoal, conte, pastels, paper stumps, putty erasers and various different papers.
  • Using the correct drawing tools to sketch with.
  • Control your line work in drawing with pencil, charcoal and pastels.
  • Drawing Fundamentals like:
  • Space areas correctly when drawing.
  • Master hand-eye control in drawing.
  • Observe objects and pictures correctly according to what is important and what is not.
  • Use a step by step method to learn to draw.
  • Proportion one area to another and to measure spaces more easily.
  • Interpret light. tone and shade and learn how to manipulate it in drawing.
  • Correctly shade and grade shading to obtain great results.
  • Draw from pictures and from life.
  • Understand blending 
  • Made aware of pitfalls such as over-blending
  • Accomplish detail and texture
  • Adjust your patience to the type of work you do
  • Use composition to create a great picture
  • Understand proportion
  • Learn to loosen-up
  • Instructional drawing and teaching about making a drawing work and look better - all the secrets you always
  •  wanted to know
  • Do an impromptu charcoal and watercolour. 


  • PART 1, 2 AND 3:
  •  Line control, measuring, hand and eye control, shape and form, tonal and shading exercises and various small projects.
  • PART 4:  
  • Learning to draw from a picture by using a step by step guide.
  • PART 5: 
  • Portrait in pencil and pastel on Fabriano Paper - a black and white drawing - Learn to scale, proportion, map tones, integrate, blend, redefine and add drama. (This can be your first departure point from the course - moving on to painting for instance).
  • PART 6:  
  • Freehand Pastel - start integrating colour.
  • PART 7 - 11:  
  • Live drawing, charcoal and pencil; actual basic drawings where you can learn different styles and to loosen-up.
  • PART 12
  • Elements of Art - Composition, perspective drawing and so on.

In every field there is a leader.  With introducing you to drawing like we do - it's quite obvious who leads.  A better drawing course cannot not be found.
Herewith a natural sequence of how students progress from drawing a stickman.  All you need is to pitch up and you will be on your way, no matter how bad you are at drawing.
If you are not close to us, read more about our online drawing course.


It has been a dream of mine to be an artist for years. At high school I had the opportunity to study art for two years but it was definitely not enough to awake the true artist in me. After that I attempted a few different art works which unfortunately failed to impress.

But something awoke in me when I saw the sign for Ajay's art classes. Not sure if it was pure imagination, perhaps a realisation of the possibilities that lied therein - a hidden talent waiting to emerge? Or maybe merely the excitement of a long awaited challenge.  Nevertheless, I felt something that I had never felt before and had to grab this opportunity with both hands and feet. I was going to settle this desire, this yearning, I was going to be an artist.

Different techniques were presented to me - drawing, oil painting and my newest favourite, pastel. I've had the opportunity to learn intricately how these work and to get the best out of each technique.

I have developed so much, crazily enough not only as an artist, and although realising there is still a lot to be learned, now have the self-confidence and willingness to take on any art work.

Marica O'Connell

Art Classes at Ajay's Johannesburg:

 2 Quinine Street, Glen Marais, Kempton Park, South Africa

Norscot Manor, Penquin Street, Fourways

Ullmann Recreation Centre, Alma Road, Morningside

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