There are few pleasures greater than shaping clay or hay and cement between your hands, or caving from stone.  It is unique in concept and execution because it is so tactile and static!  This is 3D at its best.

the reason for this , firstly, is the huge amount of materials available to use for this art form and that is almost everything.  From dowel sticks to plaster to volcanic ash to plastic cut-outs, sculpture is an awe-inspiring art form.

Our Introduction to Sculpture Classes comprises the following:

Clay, Anatomy and Portraiture

Armature (inner structure) Building

Carving into stone and pumice

Assemblage - attaching media together in a aesthetic manner according to its context.

Mobiles and plastic art

Moulding and Casting

Land Art Concepts

 Our sculpture classes combines fun and creativity for fantastic creations.

Casting a Sculpture

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