1 charcoal stick

1 eraser vinyl

2 B pencils

1 pencil sharpener

1 Graduate mat A3 sketchbook 20 sheets

1 kneadable eraser

1 Plakbook 140g 440x280 25 SH

 R 190.00



1 Soft pastel set 12 pc

5 A3 pastel paper SH light grey

1 Venus oil pastel set 12 pc

1 kneadable eraser (OPTIONAL)

 R 230.00



1 Basic acrylic paint set 6 pc 60ml each

1 Paper pallet (disposable) 9x12" 36 SH

1 Bristle hair brush set 6pc

1 nylon brush set 4pc

1 canvas panel 12x16"

1 Canvas panel 12x12"

1 Plastic water container

 R 380.00




We offer an exciting extracurricular Art syllabus for Children aged 6 to 13. Training and art projects for these children will deal with all the fundamentals of art and art making, establishing an essential root for creative thought and its implementation.  These include:


1.      Blocking and drawing

2.      Proportioning

3.      Observing light and what it does in nature

4.      Tonal values (training the eye to interpret darks and lights and what to do with them)

5.      Hand-eye co-ordination

6.      Colour theory

7.      Composition and arranging

8.      Cartooning

9.      3D Modulation with sculpture

10.  Materials include pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, mixed media, clay and various other materials

11.  Techniques include impasto (thick painting), realism, overlaying, bleeding and washes, Collage and many more.

12.  Format and subjects include Fauna and Flora, Landscape and Still Life, Oceanic, Portraits and Figures, Fantasy and so on

No homework is given – it is relaxing and creative.


Parents or friends are not allowed to partake or attend the classes.
  • Registration and payment necessary before commencement of classes.
  • Registration fee of R50 and first class fee payment secures a space.  
  •  A limited number of students are in a class and everyone is occupied with his/her own work.  Interaction is limited to your specific personality. It is all about art.
  • No person may accompany the student to the class.
  •  Classes are conducted in English and Afrikaans.
  • You may join for a minimum of 12 classes.
  •  Missed classes cannot be redeemed or refunded.
  • There are recesses during the year when no classes are given.  The student will still receive the number of classes signed up for.
  •  The student receives 1 hour classes, once a week.