Feeling Special?  Do you want something that no one else can give you?  Read on. 

Ajay drawing with both hands.

 Yes if you want to draw with both hands I can teach you.  Or if you don't want to draw at all, I can work out a course for you. How?

By determining exactly what you want and by determining what you have already done.

A course can be designed for persons who:

Do not want to draw much.

Have had art classes and do not want to repeat things already learnt.

Have had much experience in art making but struggles with something particular.

Have art experience but want to develop a style. 

Have special requests.

The art spectrum is so huge that there are many questions that need technical and practical answers.  I have found that most art works that have failed are due to either incorrect  proportioning or a lack of understanding and application of tone.  When you do a painting and your procedures are mushed up it leads to that kind of result - mushy. And if you are impatient with your artwork you usually end up with a painting that lacks form and looks rushed.  So many times there are small problems that needs adjustment or simple understanding.

People currently on this course go through a procedure where we pinpoint the problems, then change the approach and fix what needs fixing. 

Other participants have a goal specific course to lead them to what they want to accomplish.

One thing this course is not, is a walk in and paint situation - where your teacher draws for you - I have too much respect for art and art making to take these pleasures away from the student.

So if you have any questions that need answering please call us now for a meeting to discuss possibilities.