Learn How to paint in oils like a pro.

In many regards oils are favoured as a paint medium - due to its lustrousness and manageability, its' spontaneity and variety of techniques. Oil paints are manufactured from colour pigments and oil – usually linseed (the linseed serves as a binder as well), which gives it its distinctive qualities and individuality.  Its’ versatility sets it apart from other painting mediums.  Although oils need a longer drying time, it is not a limiting factor, especially with all the mediums available today (medium = agent used to alter the workings and attributes of a paint – e.g. quick-drying medium).  Thinned-out, oils have a translucent representation, yet it can be applied thick (impasto) and opaque.  Oils are not difficult as is generally believed. Oil blends easier than acrylics, and carrying out alterations are less restrictive as opposed to watercolour.  Many find it difficult to return to another medium once familiar with oil paints.  It is a fantastic medium that you can learn quite quickly.

The Oil Paint Program:

Character of Oils, Material Overview like Supports, Brushes, Diluents and Cleaning, Standard equipment needed, Mixed Media equipment and your Starter Pack.

Learn to prime with mixtures and gesso on different supports.  Proportional, tonal and blending exercises as well as small projects to cement these elemental ideals, colour theory and practice, techniques like underpainting, impasto, wet on wet, glazing, palette knife painting, texture and background underpainting, impressionism and super realism, mixed media includes a choice of pastels, enamel, coffee painting, pencil and charcoal, collage, oil stick and many other.  During these practices you will be given many options as to what you like and you will be able to start some of your own paintings.

The course had been designed to teach you everything you need to know and also tackles issues like spacing and the big problem of over-blending, redefining and tonal correctness.

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Tonal study for an oil painting
Learning to paint realistically with oils
Abstract mixed media and oils
Oil techniques

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Learning to paint with oils

Different techniques and basics are taught to students in terms of undercoating and tonal skill. 

Students can choose what they want to paint in oils.
Original oil painting of Lesotho
Students all do different things