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Personalised Online Art Classes are now available from Ajay’s.  It works very much like our actual classes, but on a one-on-one basis. I teach by personal demonstration and giving you tasks to complete.  These are done on Skype and WhatsApp.  This will give you the opportunity to learn to draw, paint and sculpt anywhere in the world. 


  1. Lessons are based in real time – I will be teaching and demonstrating to you on
  2. If you are a beginner: I will explain fundamentals to you, I will then demonstrate it to you and then give you time for questions. The session will end there.  You will receive homework to do – you need to be able to send photographs of your tasks as jpegs or pdfs to me.  These can be photographed or scanned or sent on WhatsApp.
  3. If you are intermediate: I will design your course and then demo your assigned tasks for you to complete.
  4. During our next Skype session, we will discuss the homework that you submitted.  I will also suggest further exercises or improvements if necessary before moving on to my next demo and the next task that you need to complete.
  5. Even painting and sculpture will be in real time – demonstrating every step to you.
  6. There is a time limit per session and per project – but we will have ample time to complete every task without rushing anything and to discuss all related issues.


  • You will be supplied with a detailed list of art material.
  • You will also need access to the internet, Skype on a computer or laptop. The bigger your screen, the better.
  • A good smartphone or similar device to take good quality colour pictures with.
  • An active email account.
  • WhatsApp
  • Studio space.













ART CLASSES FOR KIDS – Perfect for home schooling

PORTFOLIO PREPERATION – for matriculants

*Please note that you need basic drawing skills for all the courses above

*Drawing artwork must be submitted if you want to join these classes


The Basic Drawing Course is adapted from the one I designed for our classes is South Africa.  It focuses on key elements of drawing and creativity: observation, process and practice.  You need to be able to draw without any help when commencing with painting.  No projectors, tracing or 40 section grid or callipers will ever compete with skill.  Drawing has a deeper meaning than mere proportional rendering.  You cannot take a projector with when you are drawing someone in the park!  I get very agitated by lazy people.  It doesn’t matter how badly you start, as long as you have the patience and knowledge to correct mistakes.  I am also a firm believer in fixing things instead of discarding them and starting over; psychologically it has always helped my students to face the problem and fixing it rather than adding more problems on top of a sketch that was flawed from the outset.

There are many gadgetries and novelties out there that amateurs want you to buy.  At the end of the day skill is developed through effort and repetition.  All you need is a pencil and paper. And your eyes.

In painting people struggle often with colour because they don’t understand values – the dark or light quality of a colour – that comes from:

  1. Observation
  2. Learning to correct values when you DRAW

In sculpture you need to envision 3D.  Visualizing form comes from… DRAWING.  Once again, if you only focus on the basics you can create masterful artwork.  And it starts with drawing.  If you can draw, you can submit a few drawings you have done.  From your drawings I can see what you need (if anything) that needs to be dealt with before we start with one of the additional courses you favour.

Painting:  Oil painting is the easiest of all the painting mediums.  Due to it drying slower, you can easily wipe it off or manipulate it.  Acrylic is plastic based and requires a faster working method.  Both acrylic and oil-based paints are very well suited for mixed media – you can mix it with collage, charcoal and pastels and many more.

Watercolour is translucent so requires water for lightening and not white paint.  It is slightly more difficult than oil or acrylic depending on what you want to do with it.  Watercolour can be used loose or classically.


R 1800.00 for 6 sessions – 30 minutes each



✓      6 x 30-minute sessions (first one longer) with personal tuition and demos specifically for you.  The live sessions are not lesson-bound, it may roll over into the next lesson.

✓      Some notes and full instructions

✓      Marking and personal recommendations, follow-ups of re-admissions

✓      In-depth recording, assessment and investigation of student’s progress, orientation (likes and dislikes),

suggested course and development suggestions.

✓      All kept in a personal electronic file available to the student and printing of his/her art work.



✗  Materials

✗  Sessions longer, over and above the 6 permitted per student



  • We need to agree on a time each week that we meet on Skype. This will be our scheduled time each week and will last 30 minutes.  If you are late, you will lose that time as my next meeting might be scheduled after you.
  • Missed meetings by the student cannot be rescheduled. They are lost.  Our next meeting will follow the next week. 
  • No other person may share in the lessons.
  • Lessons may not be transferred to anyone else.
  • None of the material, curriculum or lesson content or teaching methods may be recorded, shared or used for commercial use.
  • Students will be taught strictly in accordance with the curriculum, as determined by Ajay’s.
  • Fees payable for courses are not in respect of individual classes or pro rata.
  • In the event of a class being missed by me, we will arrange for another or it will simply be added to the end of your contract.


You will receive homework after my demo.  You need to inform me if it is too little or too much as it can easily be modified in volume and difficulty.  Your homework needs to be done by our next meeting, a week later, but if it isn’t it is recommended we still have the meeting as I can help you by demonstrating again or adding to it.


  1. Please request the relevant course info from my office, not Ajay’s offices –  OR click on the links above for the relevant course.  The course outline will give you the structure and details you require, as well as the materials needed.  Click here for available time slots.  If these times don’t suit you, please let me know when you are available and as soon as any of these are available I will let you know.  If you have a different time zone, please calculate this in. 
  2. If you need to submit your artwork, please forward it to  I will inform you what I can or cannot do for you.
  3. Once we agree on a timeslot, you have a day to complete your 6-class contract and payment.
  4. Payment can be done via the website or EFT. The details will be on your registration contract form.
  5. I will WhatsApp you on the day of your first class to remind you.