How to paint and create without drawing. 

If you do not want to draw, you do have other options.  

We do not use any method that include tracing or projecting, as it will hurt our pride tremendously.   :-)   We want to be complete artists.

We will teach you methods of transferring imagery to canvas  via the medium you are using.  In other words, we will teach you proportioning and observational skills by using paint oils or acrylics or watercolour or mixed media or sculpture, or via different drawing media.  Once you are au fait with proportioning and blending you will be able to transfer visual form directly to canvas or paper or whichever support you are using.

With adequate experience it becomes easier and quite a spontaneous method of creating nuances and possibilities.  

If this method of creativity is for you please click on one of the links below.

If you like to learn to draw, please click here.