Nicky Dewar: "What a treat for the senses! Sun, sea, sleep, sand, good food and art...this was a wonderful break away, and challenged and stimulated me artistically. It's a highly recommended course for everyone - even if you only draw stick figures!"

Ian Young: "This course has many facets and it exposed us all to a very wide range of skills and techniques. I found the range of abilities of the participants both intimidating and stimulating. Great care had been taken with the pre-preparation and the attention to culinary requirements was a highlight."

Denise Pople: "I am very glad that I took the step and booked this course. Being a complete novice, I have learnt a lot and can not wait to get home and practice on my own time to become the Van Gogh that I am. Loved the diversity and the planned dinners together was amazing. I will definitely be attending your next course - if you have the strength to have me. Thanks Hesther and Ajay."

Engela Ferreiera: "Joining the art classes with Ajay's, I have learnt the art of drawing, painting and sculpting with clay. Drawing rocks from the beach, completed my day. We had fun in the sun - thank you for new beginnings and discovering my unknown talent!"

Peter Schmidt: " If you are looking for an experience to enhance your artistic desires - Ajay's Painting Holiday is all you required. You are exposed to living your art dream. The holiday is also a gourmet experience."

Gloria Bastos: "I found thecourse hugely inspirational! We were introduced to so many diferent techniques and media. I loved every minute of it and although I was very intimidated to start off with, I was able to keep up and had lots of individual attention that was useful to build up my confidence. A must for everyone, from beginners to accomplished artists. Fabulous!!!"

Wayne Attrill: "As a resident of Paternoster and having been through unpredicable times over the past two years, Sandy, my dearly loved wife, suggested I move back to what I love most and find my creative soul again and partake in Ajay's art course. Thank you Ajay, the past week has been a motivation (or kick in the ass) to move for at least the next decade towards what one really loves and enjoys. 

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