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What an inspirational weekend it was!  Many thanks again for everything, and I trust you will both enjoy a well deserved break

Ajay en Hesther baie groot dankies vir al die moeite. Ry versigtig en geniet die son, see en somer.

Thank you for an awesome weekend. I have learned so much and allot makes so much more sense now. Thank you for great food. Didn't think vegetarians can have such nice food. Thank you to the group also, you were great. May you all have a wonderful Christmas and new year. See you all next year. Drive safe

Paddy Pellow: Thanks for a great weekend of learning and painting. The best ever Christmas present I have ever received.  Will certainly try and put everything into practice.  Have a very blessed and safe Christmas all.

Someone  once said 'talent is natural, but excellence is your choice'. I'm  glad I make that choice few days back.

Hi....thank you for a wonderful workshop.....I walked out with a lot more knowledge....It is now up to me to apply what I have learned in a practical manner..have a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous 201i.....God willing I shall c u all in the new year......thanx once again for sharing ur knwledge with us...Hilda



Please note due to demand these dates were extended to 3 July as well as as 10 July - all fully booked up.

Abstract is an art form using certain ‘elements’ of art to create a painting.  These elements are basic functions and principals that you would find in an ordinary work of art, but arranged and subtracted from in a different way or non-figurative combination.

They are: Line, Form, Shape, Tone Colour, Texture, Composition, and so on, and they can be combined in various ways to create interesting effects like gesture, rhythm and narrative.  This may be confusing until someone shows you how to do it.

Another amazing aspect of abstract art is that the materials you use may actually predict your technique and become motivational in what you want to convey.  This way, you are more focused on the actual process of art making instead of rushing towards the finished product.

Abstract art has long been the excuse for many amateur artists as a scapegoat for avoiding academics of realism and art making, reducing an unfortunate canvas to a mishmash of stripes and colours and then calling it ‘abstract’.  Although I have no problem with any form of creativity it is sad that a person won’t even read what abstract art means before going for the paint and squeegee.

Join us for a day of fun, reflection and creativity, learning while enjoying.  This workshop is aiming specifically for the beginner – whether you have painted or not.  Coffee, tea and refreshments will be included.

DATE                     SUNDAY 26 JUNE 2016                   9 am to 12 or 1 pm

COST                     R 350.00


9 AM                     Meet for coffee and a short history of abstract art and abstract expressionism.

You will then be introduced to the world of the elements of art and how they can be combined into a pleasing and meaningful composition.

10 AM                   We will have an awareness session, investigating the narrative of the theme that will be given to you and how you can incorporate your story through various materials and drawing or painting techniques.  Terrain, Form, Colour and Texture will be used to convey your story onto canvas.  We will establish your composition within these principals and construct a fascinating artwork.


Writing and Drawing Paper, Pencil, Erasers and Charcoal Sticks

Canvas, Primed Board or Canvas Board 16 inches square or rectangular (or even larger if you prefer)

Soft Pastels

Water Container – like a small bucket

Any and all Brushes and a palette knife

A few acrylic paints – the studio has but they are limited in colour, you are welcome to use them.

Thin paper like crepe, newspaper, or tissue

Rags cut into smaller pieces.


TIME - 9 AM TO 12 PM

COST - R 370.00

Anatomy workshop with male and female models, aimed for the beginner, comic and figure drawers and all artists alike.   You will be taught to draw from life, to consider proportion and include tone.  I use short sessions, around 20 to 30 minutes each for you to become comfortable with this age old practice which defines the artist from the novice.  It may be intimidating to think of, if you have never done it but rest assured it is well worth trying.


Thick Charcoal 

Putty Eraser

Little Reg

Hardboard 60 x 80

Bull Clips

Paper A1 - Best is Flip Chart Paper x 15